Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spread the Joy

The power of happiness is always astounding. A small help of yours can change the entire day for someone. If you feel like helping someone, don’t hesitate or procrastinate. Just do it because your help can be of immense importance to someone and actually you’re spreading the joy to others that in turn will get spread again and it causes a ripple effect.

For a change, try not to say “No” for a whole day and if someone needs you for a help, be there to fulfill and see the joy and love that flows in. Be there to give your shoulders for your friends to lean on because there’s nothing great than to be there for your friends.

If you feel happy even for no reason, just pick your phone and talk to your loved ones. Share your joy and of course they’ll feel happy for you. Unlock your inner happiness and spread it & see. It will only get multiplied. So be the one to create a ripple effect and life will be a heaven to live.

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