Sunday, May 29, 2011

Real beauty in Life's little moments

It was in the 10th Grade, during an evening sunset walk along a calm highway road that it struck me as to was how open and frank my friend and I were to each other.We spoke about everything and just about anything from life to friendship, future plans to past fights and so on. Some how I enjoyed the beauty in his character. It was so real with zero false pretense.

Days later, I bought 2 litres of ice-cream (thanks to buy-1-get-1 free) from a month-long savings money. All of us met at my friend's house, sat together and gobbled up all the ice cream. Felt the real beauty of sharing and caring just among friends.

At school, there will be morbid science classes and super boring leisure classes. Bunking is such an awesome thing when its done stealthily and of course when its done along with your super-friends. Gang of friends going to a mate's home and having such a good time, talking non-stop and playing your favorite music and pulling each others leg. Enjoyed the true beauty of being together.

Canteen & restaurants in college are the most frequented place, a religious place in a way, yes more than classrooms even. Pooling money for an evening chat or celebrating a birthday treat will create life's amazing moments. Relished the beauty of food and a new kind of friendship - mature/grown-up friendship.

Presentations and seminar can be a mind-boggling activity at graduation. Hasty preparations and perfect team work help to garner as much info as possible in a short time. You feel the adrenaline pumping when you come across or overhear other group's preparation for the seminar. As you compete with each other, the push you give to the whole team for an outstanding performance will eventually help to grab the same. It was indeed a welcome to the beauty of knowledge and applause.

During the college years paying for food or entertainment can always be a huge thing because you always run out of pocket money and can't keep asking your parents for it. You would've bargained for each and every item you buy just to fit it in your budget. But the huge party or treat you give to your friends with your first salary will give you such a proud feeling, almost like an achievement. Those were the times I enjoyed the beauty of financial freedom.

After taking money from your parents for so many years for so many reasons like books, food, tours, bikes, fuel, movies etc. etc., the first time when you give them your first salary, that moment will make them feel like they have achieved everything in the world. The happy tear that runs down your mom's cheek will make you realize the beauty of a mother's love.

So much time I had in life to bask everything. To enjoy the nature, my friends, to chit-chat non-stop, to listen to music, to watch my favorite shows, to travel, to sleep, to fight, to read, to worship, to love, to eat, to ride, to walk, to run, to play, to take in the beauty of life in every breath.

I ask myself, where did everything go? And what I realize is that everything is still there waiting for me, my attention. But with every passing moment, life seems to be moving along so swiftly that I don't find the time to find beauty, real beauty in these moments.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mentor your mind & stay happy

Mentoring your mind could be an astounding task as most of the time your mind mentors you rather than you mentoring the mind. By and large, every one will be at the receiving end, doing what your mind tells you to do. It may not be hard to control your mind and mentor it from wiggling.

Staying alert all the time will be helpful in monitoring mind’s commandments. You may wonder why you should control your mind. It will give you guts to face failure and success in a same way, it will give you courage to accept being defeated, helps you to manage failures/bad attempts with a gentle smile. Everyone will come across such situations in life. Don’t get carried away or don’t get scattered. Just accept everything in a normal way with gentle smile.

Needless to say, on a very tightly packed day, chasing one deadline after the other, our mood will be up and roaring, trying to be cranky to as many people as possible. Mentor your mind to stay cool and have that gentle smile always. Yes, even on the busiest day in your life. Your happy face is not just to your friends, it’s even to strangers, colleagues, boss, pet and everyone around your life.

Be an inspiring face to everyone around you and lift the mood of your environment. Yes it can be done just with a smile and that comes if you have a control on your mind. Remember, it’s the heart that tells you to smile and brain that makes you to whine. Be the mentor of your mind and stay happy.
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