Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life satisfaction

Having a satisfying life is equally or more important than job satisfaction. You can switch jobs if don’t like ‘em but what about life? We all have only one life and no options bagged behind to switch over. But when you feel that life’s journey is not satisfying and it leads nowhere, its time to look around and make some overhaul. Yes am talking here about life only…

When you try to make a meaningful life, don’t just include yourself and your immediate dependents. Try to see people and things beyond that zone and bring them on to your life. Expand your horizon and discover the boundless source of joy and satisfaction.

Fix that physical possession in mind
Nothing gives much satisfaction like the physical possession that you have. Be it a house, car, computer, mobile phone or even the miniscule things. If you want a particular thing to posses; which will give you satisfaction in life, fix it as a goal in your mind and think about it everyday. Work towards it and when the day you buy that, it will give such a big happiness and satisfaction to all your senses. But that’s not the end of it. You will soon get bored with the physical possession. There are so many other things to do.

Turn on that music
It is seriously an inevitable thing in the source of a happy mind. Have a good collection of music which you love, doesn’t matter which genre you listen into. Just a good collection that will soothe your mind. Carry it with you always, in your car, mp3 player, mobile phone etc. When you feel sad or grudged, turn this on and divert your attention.

Have some ego
Having this within limits will help in self-belief and push you to new boundaries. It will reinforce the belief in you to perform better in relationship, job and everywhere. Self-esteem is always important to keep your mind and heart happy. If you’re not happy about yourself, how will the satisfaction come in? But remember, over dosage of this ego factor will spoil everything, literally.

Lend a helping hand
It’s always beautiful to bring a change in other’s life. Contribute to a child to get rid of the poverty, teach a kid who cannot afford to go to a school, lend your shoulder to your friend to show that you’re there in difficult times. The joy of giving will always bring you satisfaction.

These are only few things to have a satisfying life. Understand yourself better and assess you from a third person’s point of view to put yourself in satisfying situations. Remember, a book held so close is always difficult to read and understand.
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