Monday, September 7, 2009

Sleep matters!!

Have you ever thought about your sleeping habits and timings? I read a small article on sleep and it says insufficient sleep is the new obesity. It will also impact on many other things like early heart attack, being lethargy, poor performance, breaking up marriages, losing temper, cholesterol problems etc. 
It is a belief that snoring is an indication of sound sleep. But study says that it is actually an indication of inadequate sleep. Here are some signs that tell you need to take the pillow. If you feel tired often, drink more coffees to keep yourself awake, unable to concentrate and focus, and you’re gaining weight, then it is because of lack of sleep.
It is said that six to eight hours of sleep is ideal. So find more excuses to hit the snooze button because your body needs rest. Don’t think of your deadlines and schedules. Just sleep because only when you’re rejuvenated, you have the energy to handle them!!

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