Sunday, September 6, 2009

Love your loneliness

It may sound illogical after reading that headline. But think a little deeper into it. Loneliness in the sense not sitting in front of your computer and playing games. Actually your comp is giving you company in this case. Just walk out and be yourself. If you’re not enjoying yourself, liking yourself, then how others will like you or enjoy your company?

Loneliness will help you recollect and sink into your good old memories. I just tried last evening and wow that’s amazing. Have a calm walk in the seashore and try to have social isolation. Enjoy the nature… Give a feast to your eyes, heart and of course to your mind and soul!! You’ll feel refreshed and cool.

There are abundance of things to enjoy… Don’t just miss them in the name of your busy life and hectic schedules. Enjoy the sunset, smell the sea breeze, walk on the sea shore, and then talk to an old friend. I just did everything yesterday and there aren’t words to describe my happiness :-)

Life is simply beautiful. It’s up to you to see and find the happiness. Yes even when you’re alone.

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