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Am Anand, an advertising guy by profession and a blogger by passion. I blog on life, little things and inspirations. I personally look for inspiration in every walk of life and see a beauty in every slice of life. I love throwing smile on everyone and wish to enjoy each and every second of life in a smiley way!!

Life, for many people is an unsolved puzzle and for many others it’s a treasure trove of happiness. It lends itself to the perception of the individual and reflects the state of mind. It’s meant to be enjoyed, rather than cursed. The goal is to achieve the eternal bliss, not the temporary happiness.

Keep your heart clean and have your thoughts inspiring. Your thoughts can manifest things and bring abundance of happiness and satisfaction to your life. Challenges and hurdles are all a part of life. It is a testament for your ability to come over them. Stress, sadness and difficulties are momentary things. That shall pass by your determination.

Overall, life is meant to be a tranquil journey and this is my take on it. Enjoy your visit here and do drop in your valuable comments and feedback.

You can mail me at anandh.inbox@gmail.com


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