Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Make it sweet

We often oversee the power of this simple thing called ‘smile’ in our life. In the name of professional outfit and stressful situations, we wear these face masks of grouchiness, seriousness, hatred, negativity et al. And they creep in without the knowledge of our perfect consciousness, and we won’t realize it until we introspect ourselves or a good friend points it out.

Everyone has problems in life. It might look like a daunting task if we see it within our framework of mind. There’s no guarantee that you always collide with wonderful and nice people. Also, the term ‘wonderful’ and ‘nice’ changes for the individual, according to the people we meet, time we spend and the purpose we fulfill.

Life tends to give a mix of both good and bad, to realize the value of former to latter. But that doesn't mean that you should change your good-self for others. Be yourself, happy and smiling even when you encounter a nut bunch. Ensure that it doesn't affect the very character which makes you ‘You’.

Happiness has got the right to stay with each and every one of us. There are moments and smiles waiting for a chance to jump out of us and spread the joy. There’s nothing called negative in this world; it’s a mere absence of positive-ness. If you feel like surrounded by such situation, pour a heavy dose of cheerfulness. Consider life as a film picture. You need to expose it to the right people to turn your negative to a positive, picture perfect moment.

Stretch your hand, heart and mind. Remember, happiness is wealthier than money and it gives you much more than what money can offer. Feel frivolous and collide your smile with others. Keep it simple, make it sweet, no complications.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Existence is a celebration

Life goes on with a long narration
It gives surprises without a prediction;
Your mind and heart will realize the sensation
As existence is a celebration

There’s no one needed to motivate you
To help see the happiness hue;
Get a hug from the loved few
And you’ll realize the déjà vu

To get back from a hit in desperation
Is the quest to victory in elation;
Mark the success as affirmation
With the force of your conviction

Enjoy the warm sun and have some fun
Don’t mistake the dew drops with tear drops;
In the midst of the noise try to listen to your inner voice
As it will show you your right choice to rejoice!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It’s always a good time

Many of us will be wondering how ‘good’ can exist all the time. Even if it is so, we will be curious to know how to bring more of those ‘goodness’ during our difficult times. Simply put, there are only two things that we come across, which evokes our emotion accordingly; Good time and the bad time.

Well, both exits all the time in a particular ratio, we tend to focus more on the ‘bad’ part when we are in a difficult situation. If we shift focus from our perspective and look at ourselves, we will find that even bad times have some bit of ‘good’ in it. Since it is in meagre ratio when compared to the other, we tend to look at that bigger picture and feel worried, challenged and beaten down.

The ideal thing to realize at these times is to make a small gesture to turn things upside down. Bad times occur because of the absence of good times. That means there’s less positivity in the atmosphere and an overdose of negativity. All it takes to boost up the moment is to increase the goodness ratio and pour a heavy dose of happiness into our bucket of emotions; so that the bad thoughts and feelings overflow and move out of our mind.

How you feel inside is really important and decides the outcome – be it good or bad. Moving out of the present ambiance will bring fresh thoughts and actions. That’s the reason many people rang up their closed ones when they feel low. They bring in a large ratio of goodness and share it with you. As you speak, the transfer of ‘goodness’ is done through encouraging words, love and gestures in lighter moments, which eventually pushes and erases the bad feelings. That’s the testament to the old wisdom - your sorrow gets divided and your happiness gets multiplied when shared with your loved ones.

So what it takes to change your mind and shift your mood? An ice cream? A coffee? A small talk? A hug? A kiss? A pet? A sunset? A chilly breeze? The world has a bounty of things to offer and to make us feel better. Our only task is to spot and seize the right thing. Whatever is yours, go grab it! After all we are here for good.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Buy the happiness pie

There were many arguments and discussions done before to find if money can really buy happiness. It’s such a powerful piece paper in the world which turns the life and fortune of the individual and the entire nation. It showed what greed and envy is, to the minds of few people. It showed what generosity and kindness is, to the hearts of few other people. But it didn’t answer one thing; can this really buy happiness?

Most of the monies spent on pampering yourself will be short lived and it’s a short sighted approach in seek of that innate treasure. It lifts you up for that temporary moment and goes down as fast as how it came up! There are many people who like the smell of currency but they hardly notice that it also gives the smell of gratitude, promise, love, happiness, contentment, glee etc.

You may not completely enjoy them by spending on yourself. Try spending them on others. No, not all your money, but that extra bit you throw lavishly on yourself. Look around and see people who are in need of this possessed paper. They aren’t looking for anything, but to get decent food, a good education for the next generation, a helping hand for medical expense.

If you really find it difficult to spot such people, don’t hesitate to look for an NGO and lend a helping hand. It’s an investment you do to make a life flourish and fly out with colours. It’s a beacon of light you show up for them to come out of a dark tunnel. The returns are pure bliss, contentment and happy tears which nothing else can provide.

Everybody knows that there’s always a joy in giving. That too if it truly touch others and bring a change in them, the joy you get has no boundaries. The gratitude you receive, the satisfaction you bring home to others, the love you get, and the delight you create; gets you much more than just happiness. You will create an ecosystem where the action gets repeated; you help them to come-up, they raise and help someone else, and that someone else raises and help others. It’s a chain reaction that you ignite today. If this happens, you really don’t have to buy happiness. It will buy you! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smile please...

Most of the times we tend to forget this gifted treasure on earth. We feel grouchy when sad situation embraces us on a hard day. We often shed tears and cry like a baby (at least inside us) in such circumstances than standing tall and fighting back with a smile.


May be we all still firmly remember our first activity on earth – crying. But hey when we grow up, we first learned this wonderful thing called smile. Our parents taught, our neighbors demanded, our relatives yearned but sometimes we cried more than we smiled.

Is it because this is the first thing we learned, we often forget to use? But we tend to oversee the power of this small gesture. The hard times cease to exist when you smile; at least it gives you confidence to take a head on with the problem.

It earns you respect from others; it gets you the trust from your partner, it speaks your love and care, it shows your pride, it exhibits your victory, it brings instant happiness, it can turn a stranger to a friend.

Laughter has always been considered as the best medicine. So why fret about petty things? Problems have always been there since the evolution of life, so does the solutions for them. But we discover the latter only after going through a mind trauma, that’s because we don’t see things which are right under our nose.

Remember, care enough to smile and scare enough to shoo away the grief. And don’t just stop there; try to bring it on in other’s life too. It’s a universal language that cuts across cultures and ethnicities. Happiness is wealthier than money. It can even make your tear drops look beautiful. So smile..., smile brighter than a shooting star and pass it on!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

You are always fine

Sometimes in the middle of our life journey, we all tend to think that ‘why certain things are happening only to me?’ The usual thought of ‘why me all the time?’ crosses our mind in most of the challenging situations.

Life tends to give ups and downs, highs and lows to keep us away from monotony. We feel good to see something in action rather than in stationary. Look at the sea; every time the waves fall, they never fail to rise again. It’s fascinating to see them too.

Similarly, life’s problems are always required to keep us running in action rather than being a boring motionless object. Confusion helps to seek clarity; without the former, we won’t even think about the latter.

You’ll feel refreshed after overcoming the challenging situation. If you never try, you’ll never know your true strengths. The very thought of ‘being fine, staying good’ will make you mighty to face the task. But don’t quit and never say never.

People who pursue excellence never compromise. If you hate your life because of temporary problems, think again; for there may be someone, somewhere who's praying for a life like yours!

Falling down is a part of life; Getting back is living. Stay inspired and lead a fine life!

Monday, February 20, 2012

[Guest post – Princesa Fiona] Life is like that

Am introducing the first guest in this blog space. Am sure this poetess is already familiar with most of us in blogosphere. The beauty in crafting every line of her poem with the apt visual representation and the typography makes everyone wants to read her poems time and again. Here’s Fiona and her poetic passion for life, written for this blog.

Laughing ‘til you cry, crying ‘til you laugh.
Inhaling moments to breathe on life’s path.
Falling down and learning from every scar.
Exhaling joy as you dare to touch the stars.

Invite love to dance inside your beating heart.
Sustaining strength when thorns tear it apart.

Lavishing your senses in God’s scenery for free.
Investing spare time in the bank called 'Family’.
Kaleidoscope the visions of your gilded dreams.
Expelling dark colors that aim to dull the scenes.

Tomorrow is not promised so live your life today.
Happiness is on a pillow your head decides to lay.
Anand’s Musings massage my spirit to unwind.
Take a rest here to fuel the inertia of your mind!

©2012 The Princess Poems

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Imaginary horizons

Open your mind and see
Open your heart and feel
Worries are there to leave behind
As they’ll make your life bland

If the sun is not warm anymore
That’s because of the clouds in action to the core
Don’t get stopped by temporary things
That will make you stand with blinks

Don’t break that smile
Let it all flow like a Nile
Don’t confine yourself within four walls
As there’s a world outside flowing like a falls

Don’t get stuck with a thought and stand in blue
All that’s needed is a child in you
Who can think the unimaginable
And tries to make it possible

Many times, we confine ourselves to imaginary, illusive boundaries and restrict ourselves to envision things beyond the limits. We tend to forget that we can sculpt our life with affirmative thoughts and be a masterpiece of our own world. All that’s needed is to knock the things that come our way. It may open up to a new paradise in life!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be the serendipity of life

Life has got so much surprises and sweet encounters to give us every day on earth. But it was hardly noticed and appreciated by many. We are always in a hurry looking for greener pastures on the other side of everything. For a change, try to be the serendipity of life for others. Give your irrevocable time and bring a change.

For those who are in need of emotional support, try to be a guarantor of life, an evangelist of happiness, a Salvationist of surprises. There’s always a beauty in bringing change in other’s life. So don’t hesitate to offer help when someone is in need. May this year, you take a challenge to surprise and inspire as many people as possible.

You never know what will be the outcome. At the end of the year, you would’ve touched many number of lives beyond imagination. You will feel like the heavens opened up when you sit and recollect those happy tears and the smiles you brought on others. Remember one thing, what goes around, comes around!

Don’t judge yourself if you can do it. Don’t look for the perfectionist in you. Everyone is imperfection in some way or the other and that’s what makes us human. Even the shiny bright moon has dark shades, the romantic roses has deadly thorns. The beauty and the confidence have to be seen beyond the boundaries and it won’t be visible to the naked eye.

Let happiness sweep every one’s face and the smiles collide with each other. Let there be a burst of laughter and sheer joy in every corner of life. Let’s create a shield of happiness which can arrest sorrow and depression. Let’s hope everything to be alright and the soul sings happily forever.
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