Sunday, February 20, 2011

Change the world; change your mind

Challenges are always a part of life; be it at work, life, relationship wherever it is. The tenacity to face the challenge and to cope up with other’s expectations will decide your destiny. It can be easily said, but the pain to go through the turbulence will make people cranky.

But imagine the life of physically challenged people. Every day, every minute and every second is a challenge. We all might have challenges amidst life but for them life is amidst challenges. In spite of that, they will never consider it as a hurdle to exceed in life. I think the perfect motivation can be garnered from such people. Helen Keller wrote 12 books, lectured classes, overcoming all her challenges. But we might have come across people with all God gifted abilities, and still whine about life and get cranky for no reasons.

So let’s look at the positive side of life. Next time if life challenges you for something, spank it by your determination and win the situation instead of whining about life and getting lost in crowd. Be a change agent and inculcate the positivism among others. A change in individual’s mindset can change the world. It should begin with YOU, and remember, tiny drops make a mighty ocean.
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