Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spread the Joy

The power of happiness is always astounding. A small help of yours can change the entire day for someone. If you feel like helping someone, don’t hesitate or procrastinate. Just do it because your help can be of immense importance to someone and actually you’re spreading the joy to others that in turn will get spread again and it causes a ripple effect.

For a change, try not to say “No” for a whole day and if someone needs you for a help, be there to fulfill and see the joy and love that flows in. Be there to give your shoulders for your friends to lean on because there’s nothing great than to be there for your friends.

If you feel happy even for no reason, just pick your phone and talk to your loved ones. Share your joy and of course they’ll feel happy for you. Unlock your inner happiness and spread it & see. It will only get multiplied. So be the one to create a ripple effect and life will be a heaven to live.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The power of positive thinking

Have you thought of things you would like to have in your life? Things you desire for? Long for? Yes you might have... But have you thought in a positive way? Well not only on the things you would require, but generally on all your actions and thoughts, have you inculcated the positiveness?

Well because positive thoughts will get the things you desire and wish to happen. Just try and it may give you happiness and even surprises... That’s what the law of attraction says. Ask and it is given. For people who may know this, am just reiterating. For people who don’t, please know about this and internalize J
Because every time you think something positive, you are sending positive vibes to the universe that’ll make it happen... may be immediately or someday. But when you think the other way, when you think negative and think of things that’ll make you unhappy, you’re sending negative vibes and that’ll only get more of those similar stuffs.

Your feelings are the reflections of what is in the process of becoming. Generally people think in response to what they are observing. Just for a change, think out of the box. Don’t just think from your observations. Think beyond. For instance, if you want to get rid of all liabilities, don’t think about debts. Think about earning more, adding wealth etc. Then it will automatically rub off your debts because you’re sending positive vibrations to the universe that’ll attract more wealth.

Get your wish list, jot it down, and think of it everyday. You will realize it someday because you’re sending positive vibes to the universe and it will respond. Start your day with happiness and think that you’re always happy and your day (even your life) will be amazing. “All that we are is the result of what we have thought – Buddha”

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sleep matters!!

Have you ever thought about your sleeping habits and timings? I read a small article on sleep and it says insufficient sleep is the new obesity. It will also impact on many other things like early heart attack, being lethargy, poor performance, breaking up marriages, losing temper, cholesterol problems etc. 
It is a belief that snoring is an indication of sound sleep. But study says that it is actually an indication of inadequate sleep. Here are some signs that tell you need to take the pillow. If you feel tired often, drink more coffees to keep yourself awake, unable to concentrate and focus, and you’re gaining weight, then it is because of lack of sleep.
It is said that six to eight hours of sleep is ideal. So find more excuses to hit the snooze button because your body needs rest. Don’t think of your deadlines and schedules. Just sleep because only when you’re rejuvenated, you have the energy to handle them!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Love your loneliness

It may sound illogical after reading that headline. But think a little deeper into it. Loneliness in the sense not sitting in front of your computer and playing games. Actually your comp is giving you company in this case. Just walk out and be yourself. If you’re not enjoying yourself, liking yourself, then how others will like you or enjoy your company?

Loneliness will help you recollect and sink into your good old memories. I just tried last evening and wow that’s amazing. Have a calm walk in the seashore and try to have social isolation. Enjoy the nature… Give a feast to your eyes, heart and of course to your mind and soul!! You’ll feel refreshed and cool.

There are abundance of things to enjoy… Don’t just miss them in the name of your busy life and hectic schedules. Enjoy the sunset, smell the sea breeze, walk on the sea shore, and then talk to an old friend. I just did everything yesterday and there aren’t words to describe my happiness :-)

Life is simply beautiful. It’s up to you to see and find the happiness. Yes even when you’re alone.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The ‘feel good’ moments

The sweetest moments in everyone’s life which will make you feel light, feel happy, feel delighted and sometimes even feel like shedding tears out of Joy. How emotional human beings are… 
Just imagine having a long walk with your best friend with no one around where you get to talk anything (Of course your friend will never mind your rubbish sayings). The abundance of love from your parents/family when you achieve something. Having that extra bit of sleep on weekends without any nuisances. Hanging around with your best buddies on special days. Your pet puppy coming and licking your face with joy..! A hot cuppa coffee on a rainy day looking outside your window or just having an ice cream while you wet yourself in rains. A fine day you getting recognized for your work & getting noticed by everybody.
Hmmm… Life’s like that. You have to enjoy those instants and no one is blessed to have those golden moments everyday. But the happiness lies within you rather than searching out. You can create happiness and make those ‘feel good’ moments and life moves on with those worthwhile moments amidst the turbulences  :-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My very first post

Hi.! This is my very first personal blog post. I do have a blog that's about marketing but it isn't active. The credit goes to my laziness and procrastination. This blog has been created based out of an inspiration I got on a fine Sunday. Let this be my space to shout out, to scribble, to express, to motivate and for all life's little moments. It's my life and it's my responsibility to spend in a useful way... Huh, sounds philosophical. But am not a very philosophy kinda person. Take life as it comes is my mantra. This is the way I used to treat my life. But everything changed one day and I realized that we should focus and demand more rather than just taking whatever that comes our way!

Everything needs a start... needs a first step to begin something. They say we need someone to push for doing things. Now that I've been pushed, had just begin the journey and miles to go in future. Now I can say that's "Once upon a time" when someone ask about my procrastination!
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