Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wake up the child

We all would have enjoyed our childhood days with so much of cherished moments, abundant of happiness for small things, silly fights that wouldn’t last for more than a couple of hours and not knowing the meaning of ego. All we were doing is to eat, study, sleep nicely and have just a couple of friends to talk things that were beyond our knowledge. Being ignorant had its own advantages at this age.

We felt so secure, with our parents there to bag us from any sort of trouble, covering us with the warmth of love and care, day and night. We tend to get satisfied easily and get rid of angst with a small grin. There were literally no responsibilities and things to fight for. Everything wished had come our way along with tons of happiness.

But responsibilities and trouble started to grow as we grow and move away from childhood. Things start to get different and our mind and heart never gets satisfied easily. Our perception towards everything has changed and we always have a doubt and insecurity. That simple faith seem to be vanished somewhere in the process. We feel that we’re grown up and know everything and we are always correct, until that simple lesson life teaches us.

Every person will have a child inside him/her. There’s nothing wrong in unleashing the character and be your childself (don’t google it, the word doesn’t exist!). Jump in joy for small happiness in life; have a silly talk with your dear ones; if something hurts you badly, cry it out and throw away from your heart. You don’t even have to let others know about this but let your heart inculcate the habit of a child.

We had never taken anything serious under the sun when we were a kid. So why do we want to be serious after grown-up? Actually growing-up meant to be growing wiser day after day. But it seems to be completely the other way (in the context of life). We were so good when we were a kid, but as we grow up, that good and wise things had gone down gradually and all other unwanted things started occupying our mind and soul and corrupted the system.

So let’s not just stick to this adulthood, grown-up mentality, and be a child-like person whenever possible. Be like a kid when you are with your loved ones; shower that unadulterated care, take everything in an easy way, don’t let worry enter your heart, shoo it away; we will never get hurt or tend to feel bad towards life’s challenges. Being like this will help us to have a corrupt-free and happy mind :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Don’t haste in life

Humanity has evolved over time and so are the cultures and the civilizations. Life has always been there watching these events unfold in a gradual evolution of time. But why we always haste when we want certain things to be done in life?

Relationship is a beautiful bond that life has given us to enjoy and embark every day. It takes time to understand and make it grow. Hasty decisions and expectations can only lead to confusions and inconclusive doubts. Give time for a bud to blossom, give attention to understand life’s nuances. Every activity needs time to grow to the threshold level for enjoying that comfort factor.

Every decision taken for betterment in life is a turning point and it deserves time to dwell upon the consequences to make that perfect move. Hasty choice may create a mess and disturb the peaceful living. You might regret for that action and it takes time to get back to normalcy.

Success doesn’t come overnight. It takes constant efforts and perseverance to overcome the current state and go to the next level. They say failures are the stepping stone of success; but don’t expect that to happen all of a sudden. Flaws can’t be turned into fabulous achievements quickly. A lot of planning is involved to move from down under to the top. And time does play a great role in molding you for the pinnacle.

So let’s not rush for things in life. The sun doesn’t shine bright at one go, it rises slowly to reach the peak. The rain doesn’t pour all of a sudden; it drizzles and then reaches the crescendo. Certain things can be enjoyed only when started in a slow pace. So why haste in life? It’s just one chance out there. Let’s have a slow pace, peace and bliss!!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

It’s time to understand YOU – Part2

Part2 of duology

Continued from here…

So you know that self-discovery will be an enlightening experience and the reason why you should understand yourself. It will throw so much light on your inner side which may not have been explored till date. It will help you to understand the purpose of your life existence. If you have never felt connected to yourself, then you will have to find what makes you YOU.

Here are few activities which may lead you to self-discovery and know yourself better. The initial step will always be difficult but once you start moving, the momentum will take you forward; and in future, you will cherish this new beginning.

Record your life journey:
List down your thoughts, ideas, experiences, beliefs and feelings in a place. It may be in a diary or in your computer; but make sure only you access it. It’s like documenting and summarizing yourself over a period of time. You may not have to do it everyday. Just do whenever you feel like writing; let it eventually grow on time. But do write it sincerely. Going through the document will make you understand the new realizations in your life.

Analyze the people around you:
There may be umpteen numbers of people in your life but you would like to keep only few of them closer. Find out a reason as to why you like being with them. What influence do they make in your life and how they lead you in your journey. This will help you to understand what kind of a social person you are.

Pursue new hobbies:
You can discover new interests & talents and divert yourself from doing routine activities. Find your new passion and get insights on yourself.

Study your state of mind:
Are you uber cool by nature, usually happy or sad and grouchy, often stressed or just go with the flow? What would be the reason behind the mood? Can it be pursued everyday or avoided?

Bring new people on board:
Take a leap to find new people in your life. They may bring fresh perspective and experience. Look for positive, like-minded people who will support and inspire you. Who knows, you may lease a new life with that person.

Find what pleases you the most:
Eating? a sip of a coffee? a serene walk? or an easy talk? Find out what pleases you the most so that when you are depressed or feel bad, you can do these activities to move on.

Evaluate your goals:
Consider the cause behind the current goal in your life. What is the fundamental motivation behind it and what would be your state-of-mind if you travel in other direction from your goal? If you find hard to uncover the motivation, re-evaluating the goal will help you to proceed in a right direction.

These are only few activities; a tip of an iceberg in the ocean of self-discovery. Some may work for few people and some may not, after all that’s what makes us unique from everyone else. Should you have more ideas on this? Please do share in the comment section :-)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It’s time to understand YOU – Part1

Part1 of duology

Self discovery is an enlightening experience to lead a wonderful life. We strive hard to understand others in our life; our friend, our companion, our fellow worker, our boss, our client et. al. But did we try to understand ourselves at least for the heck of it?

We may know our strengths, weaknesses, abilities etc., thanks to the corporate world for making us know that. But there is something beyond this level that has to be discovered. Do you know what makes you happy? What’s your tolerance level? What’s your decision making capabilities? What it takes to change your mood? What’s your life purpose? What kind of a person are you? The list is long here…

Many a time we won’t give much importance for our inner-self and focus more on our outer appearance. We go to gym, use make-ups, take up diets, and wear the finest attires to look our best to the external world. But what activities we take to see our inner-self? Anyone can be like you / look like you in external appearance. All they need is to pursue similar actions to look their best. But your uniqueness is because of your inner-self and its time to look into it.

Some reasons why you should understand yourself:

• It helps you to discover what is troubling you; instead of feeling bad without a reason. This will lead you to the door of happiness.

• You will know when to move on from the situation to avoid making a mess or creating a trouble for yourself.

• You will know where to go or whom to speak to in times of depression.

• You won’t feel like you are lost somewhere because this will help you to fit in the most appropriate place; be it at work or in relationship.

• It helps you to understand your true potential for facing challenges and finding solutions.

• It helps you to identify the deviation and puts you back on track rather than just going on with the flow

• It will show you what exactly you want from life.

• You will see the path of your life and your actual destiny.

You can’t taste the wholesome success without understanding yourself. You can smell the everlasting happiness after achieving life purpose; and that life purpose lies within you. Explore yourself and begin the search to that ultimate discovery.

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