Monday, October 8, 2012

Existence is a celebration

Life goes on with a long narration
It gives surprises without a prediction;
Your mind and heart will realize the sensation
As existence is a celebration

There’s no one needed to motivate you
To help see the happiness hue;
Get a hug from the loved few
And you’ll realize the déjà vu

To get back from a hit in desperation
Is the quest to victory in elation;
Mark the success as affirmation
With the force of your conviction

Enjoy the warm sun and have some fun
Don’t mistake the dew drops with tear drops;
In the midst of the noise try to listen to your inner voice
As it will show you your right choice to rejoice!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It’s always a good time

Many of us will be wondering how ‘good’ can exist all the time. Even if it is so, we will be curious to know how to bring more of those ‘goodness’ during our difficult times. Simply put, there are only two things that we come across, which evokes our emotion accordingly; Good time and the bad time.

Well, both exits all the time in a particular ratio, we tend to focus more on the ‘bad’ part when we are in a difficult situation. If we shift focus from our perspective and look at ourselves, we will find that even bad times have some bit of ‘good’ in it. Since it is in meagre ratio when compared to the other, we tend to look at that bigger picture and feel worried, challenged and beaten down.

The ideal thing to realize at these times is to make a small gesture to turn things upside down. Bad times occur because of the absence of good times. That means there’s less positivity in the atmosphere and an overdose of negativity. All it takes to boost up the moment is to increase the goodness ratio and pour a heavy dose of happiness into our bucket of emotions; so that the bad thoughts and feelings overflow and move out of our mind.

How you feel inside is really important and decides the outcome – be it good or bad. Moving out of the present ambiance will bring fresh thoughts and actions. That’s the reason many people rang up their closed ones when they feel low. They bring in a large ratio of goodness and share it with you. As you speak, the transfer of ‘goodness’ is done through encouraging words, love and gestures in lighter moments, which eventually pushes and erases the bad feelings. That’s the testament to the old wisdom - your sorrow gets divided and your happiness gets multiplied when shared with your loved ones.

So what it takes to change your mind and shift your mood? An ice cream? A coffee? A small talk? A hug? A kiss? A pet? A sunset? A chilly breeze? The world has a bounty of things to offer and to make us feel better. Our only task is to spot and seize the right thing. Whatever is yours, go grab it! After all we are here for good.

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