Sunday, December 18, 2011

Show your gratitude

We are nearing the end of a year and a new beginning is going to start soon for every one of us. A great way to give back something to life is by showing gratitude for all the things happened to you. Don’t forget to thank life for a smart you, for the courage it gave to speak out your opinion, the food and the good sleep, lovely folks at home and workplace, the ever recharged sun, the never ending love and the list goes on...

Always appreciate yourself even for the smallest achievements. Don’t expect others to give you a reward or a good review for your deed. Every time you do something remarkable, just pat yourself. Keep your mind happy and motivated for life’s biggest tasks and challenges.

Give attention to the people who makes your life worthwhile. Money and other materialistic possessions can be given by anyone. Don’t forget to give your time, yes, the irrevocable, precious and valuable time. Shower with your warm and care by being beside them.

Manage and spend your time responsibly. It’s a way of showing respect and gratitude to life for that intellectual property given to you. Time helps to earn loads of money, created billionaires, built spaceships and even empowered you to create a timeline by your children. But it never ever gave back that one second you spent in your life. So the value cannot be ascertained and it’s priceless.

Make everyday a thanksgiving day. Be grateful every morning for all the good and the bad things happened to you. Good things because it caused you happy moments, and bad things because it gave you a challenge to overcome and thank that you’re still alive! You will definitely feel a better day and a better life by showing your gratitude. Be inspired and have a great life!
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