Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smile please...

Most of the times we tend to forget this gifted treasure on earth. We feel grouchy when sad situation embraces us on a hard day. We often shed tears and cry like a baby (at least inside us) in such circumstances than standing tall and fighting back with a smile.


May be we all still firmly remember our first activity on earth – crying. But hey when we grow up, we first learned this wonderful thing called smile. Our parents taught, our neighbors demanded, our relatives yearned but sometimes we cried more than we smiled.

Is it because this is the first thing we learned, we often forget to use? But we tend to oversee the power of this small gesture. The hard times cease to exist when you smile; at least it gives you confidence to take a head on with the problem.

It earns you respect from others; it gets you the trust from your partner, it speaks your love and care, it shows your pride, it exhibits your victory, it brings instant happiness, it can turn a stranger to a friend.

Laughter has always been considered as the best medicine. So why fret about petty things? Problems have always been there since the evolution of life, so does the solutions for them. But we discover the latter only after going through a mind trauma, that’s because we don’t see things which are right under our nose.

Remember, care enough to smile and scare enough to shoo away the grief. And don’t just stop there; try to bring it on in other’s life too. It’s a universal language that cuts across cultures and ethnicities. Happiness is wealthier than money. It can even make your tear drops look beautiful. So smile..., smile brighter than a shooting star and pass it on!

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