Saturday, September 5, 2009

The ‘feel good’ moments

The sweetest moments in everyone’s life which will make you feel light, feel happy, feel delighted and sometimes even feel like shedding tears out of Joy. How emotional human beings are… 
Just imagine having a long walk with your best friend with no one around where you get to talk anything (Of course your friend will never mind your rubbish sayings). The abundance of love from your parents/family when you achieve something. Having that extra bit of sleep on weekends without any nuisances. Hanging around with your best buddies on special days. Your pet puppy coming and licking your face with joy..! A hot cuppa coffee on a rainy day looking outside your window or just having an ice cream while you wet yourself in rains. A fine day you getting recognized for your work & getting noticed by everybody.
Hmmm… Life’s like that. You have to enjoy those instants and no one is blessed to have those golden moments everyday. But the happiness lies within you rather than searching out. You can create happiness and make those ‘feel good’ moments and life moves on with those worthwhile moments amidst the turbulences  :-)

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