Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Make it sweet

We often oversee the power of this simple thing called ‘smile’ in our life. In the name of professional outfit and stressful situations, we wear these face masks of grouchiness, seriousness, hatred, negativity et al. And they creep in without the knowledge of our perfect consciousness, and we won’t realize it until we introspect ourselves or a good friend points it out.

Everyone has problems in life. It might look like a daunting task if we see it within our framework of mind. There’s no guarantee that you always collide with wonderful and nice people. Also, the term ‘wonderful’ and ‘nice’ changes for the individual, according to the people we meet, time we spend and the purpose we fulfill.

Life tends to give a mix of both good and bad, to realize the value of former to latter. But that doesn't mean that you should change your good-self for others. Be yourself, happy and smiling even when you encounter a nut bunch. Ensure that it doesn't affect the very character which makes you ‘You’.

Happiness has got the right to stay with each and every one of us. There are moments and smiles waiting for a chance to jump out of us and spread the joy. There’s nothing called negative in this world; it’s a mere absence of positive-ness. If you feel like surrounded by such situation, pour a heavy dose of cheerfulness. Consider life as a film picture. You need to expose it to the right people to turn your negative to a positive, picture perfect moment.

Stretch your hand, heart and mind. Remember, happiness is wealthier than money and it gives you much more than what money can offer. Feel frivolous and collide your smile with others. Keep it simple, make it sweet, no complications.

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