Thursday, October 20, 2011

The art of forgiving

Misunderstanding and silly fights are very common in our life. But the most important thing is the tenacity of the fight, its longevity and the aftermath effects in our mind. Initially it may seem to be a war of words, just between the lips and eyes. But later, hatred creeps in and makes it a fight between the hearts.

To avoid it and find an amicable end, we have this wonderful thing called ‘forgiveness’. But many people don’t know the art of forgiving. They tend to fight back with full force thinking that they are getting close to victory for the heart. But actually they never know they are hurting themselves with feelings.

We are going to get nothing good by holding on to anger. It will only burden the heart and obsess the mind with negative thoughts about the other person. But just think of forgiveness; it means getting back to normalcy, getting back to being together, a peaceful rest for the mind, a feast for heart by happiness and tranquil for the soul by forgiving.

It does a good thing not just for you; it also heals the other heart. It’s a commitment to navigate to a good state of being. It’s about caring for yourself and your inner spirit. It’s like putting your heart into the ocean of peace.

Weigh the situation and your corresponding reaction to it. Analyse the effects on your life and actively decide the course of action - that’s either forgiving or moving on. Don’t wear that victim tag.

You cannot describe your life by how many times you are hurt, but how many times you have pardoned. Care about yourself and for others. Forgiving can heal you, heal others, heal the society and the world.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Live "your" life

We often say we enjoy our life and we are happy for the way life leads us. But deep inside the heart, there are small questions that nag us every time. Is this really that you wanted to be? Is this the thing that you wanted to do in life?

During our younger days, most of our decisions are influenced by our parents, friends or other external forces. It may sound safe or promising at that moment but years later, the heart will yearn that you could’ve done something different in the past, if you had taken your own decision.

This is where passion steps in. We tend to develop our long overdue desires into a passion. Had we done that before, it could’ve given a great livelihood and fame (not to forget happiness and satisfaction) but time play a spoilsport and rule over the heart. And we may not have been in a position to take decisions on our own because of the age factor.

But after grown up, never miss an opportunity to do what you like. Your heart will lead you to new explorations and ideas. Just have some ears on it and move on in that direction. Who knows, you may be lucky enough to discover a new paradise in life.

Never get influenced by others when it comes to life. They have no say on how you should be or what you should be doing. Also never live a life for other’s sake and compromise your desires. It will be like letting yourself out of you to satisfy others. It may please the other person for a brief period but it will definitely hurt you at some point of time. Life is just too precious to be wasted!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Versatile Blogger - The awardees

I received this award from Ashwini last Sunday and as per the rules, I've listed 7 things about myself in my last post. Now to fulfill the process, let me pass this award to the most deserving bloggers. Its celebration time people. Let's put our hands together and welcome the winners!!

* KrishnaPriya aka KP of Scribbling Pad!!!. She blogs on various topics like fiction, poems, real life incidents etc. It will be a delight to read her short fictions and my favorite is "A Monsoon Coffee". That would be my recommendation to all fiction lovers.

* Nasnin Nasser of Scribblings... Her poems are wonderfully weaved and her command over the language is too good. She can turn gloomy topics to a wonderful post. My favorite post of hers is "Slip of Fingers!"

* Fiona of The Princess Passions. Though I know about her blog only for a brief period of time, it was a delight to read her poems. She dishes out contents so well and it will sure to make an impact once you read. My favorite is "In your eyes".

*Saru Singhal of Words. She is truly an evolved writer and her poems are a delight to read. I would call her the princess of poems. I mean it. Her blog title is so apt that words just dance to the tunes in her poems. My favorite post is All over again.

* Sahana of Ahamkaara. She blogs about her personal experiences in life and definitely there would be a lesson to learn. She is a great story teller and the way she narrates the situation in her post, you would simply fall in love with that. My favorite post is "Ooops.. ! Arguments"

* Prayukth of "Humor Unplugged". He takes a humorous route of current affairs and its sure to make you laugh out loud. After a hard day at work, visiting his blog will help you to end the day with a smile (laugh I would say). My favorite is "Apple accidently sues itself"

Am privileged to pass on this award and I would be honored if you accept and pass on the same. Thanks a lot for the contribution and making blogging a wonderful experience!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A recognition - My first blog award!!

A first step towards a long journey and during the course of action, a motivation, a recognition will take your heart to the greatest of happiness, like you've discovered a paradise...

Yes, I received my first blog award and am honored to get this. Thank you very much Ashwini. It means a lot!! A push to go that extra mile, a smile to realize the outcome of the efforts put in. Thank you very much to every one who stopped by my blog and expressed your kind words to each post. Every comment is very special indeed.

And as per the rule, let me list out 7 things about myself and pass it on.

1. I tend to take life easily. Of course there are many times where my heart puts pressure to take it seriously, but that's a momentary thing for me and I move on.

2. I have a lot of faith and belief in me. Even if I have the greatest challenge, somehow things will change the way I want. May be because of the belief system and positivity I guess :)

3. I take inspirations from day-to-day life and from others. Sometimes book can't teach you practical things you know.

4. I always think twice and measure my words before letting it out.

5. I just can't take betrayal. My heart becomes a villain to such people and can never accept them.

6. I like to meet new people and bring them on board in my life.

7. Last, Writing was never my passion before. This was a hobby I pursued and turned out to be good and now I developed a passion for it :)

I will soon update the post as to whom this award goes to.

Thanks a lot!!

PS: Post updated on 08-10-11 and see the list of awardees here

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Move on

Life, for all of us has been given to move on in a constant pace, to progress and not to stay stationary. We may often tend to rest and stay for a while and our heart yearn for it. But the mind always tends to push ourselves to a great limit and help us achieve those wonders.

When life tosses you with too many struggles and obstacles, neither break nor stay put in one place. There will be a lot of things waiting to be uncovered so keep moving. Don’t ponder the same thing that caused you a worry, a defeat or a set-back. Look for solutions rather than thinking about that problem.

Our heart has an unusual habit of keeping the problem, getting stuck and making us feel bad rather than searching for a solution to fix it. Use your mind and be rational to move on from the current situation. This could just be a passing cloud blocking you to see the sunshine.

You have the potential to decide your state of mind and don’t let that bad feeling stay in your heart. It will block the happiness entering the mind. It’s like blocking the blood entering the heart. Better save yourself from that mind attack!

The more you stay put on a problem, the more that could pile up in front of you to fix. So just walk on to search for the key to happiness and add some spice to life. Every time you can’t be nice to everyone. When something is nagging you, just ignore or stamp on it and move on. There’s nothing to feel bad about it.
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