Monday, September 10, 2012

Buy the happiness pie

There were many arguments and discussions done before to find if money can really buy happiness. It’s such a powerful piece paper in the world which turns the life and fortune of the individual and the entire nation. It showed what greed and envy is, to the minds of few people. It showed what generosity and kindness is, to the hearts of few other people. But it didn’t answer one thing; can this really buy happiness?

Most of the monies spent on pampering yourself will be short lived and it’s a short sighted approach in seek of that innate treasure. It lifts you up for that temporary moment and goes down as fast as how it came up! There are many people who like the smell of currency but they hardly notice that it also gives the smell of gratitude, promise, love, happiness, contentment, glee etc.

You may not completely enjoy them by spending on yourself. Try spending them on others. No, not all your money, but that extra bit you throw lavishly on yourself. Look around and see people who are in need of this possessed paper. They aren’t looking for anything, but to get decent food, a good education for the next generation, a helping hand for medical expense.

If you really find it difficult to spot such people, don’t hesitate to look for an NGO and lend a helping hand. It’s an investment you do to make a life flourish and fly out with colours. It’s a beacon of light you show up for them to come out of a dark tunnel. The returns are pure bliss, contentment and happy tears which nothing else can provide.

Everybody knows that there’s always a joy in giving. That too if it truly touch others and bring a change in them, the joy you get has no boundaries. The gratitude you receive, the satisfaction you bring home to others, the love you get, and the delight you create; gets you much more than just happiness. You will create an ecosystem where the action gets repeated; you help them to come-up, they raise and help someone else, and that someone else raises and help others. It’s a chain reaction that you ignite today. If this happens, you really don’t have to buy happiness. It will buy you! :)
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