Thursday, January 26, 2012

Imaginary horizons

Open your mind and see
Open your heart and feel
Worries are there to leave behind
As they’ll make your life bland

If the sun is not warm anymore
That’s because of the clouds in action to the core
Don’t get stopped by temporary things
That will make you stand with blinks

Don’t break that smile
Let it all flow like a Nile
Don’t confine yourself within four walls
As there’s a world outside flowing like a falls

Don’t get stuck with a thought and stand in blue
All that’s needed is a child in you
Who can think the unimaginable
And tries to make it possible

Many times, we confine ourselves to imaginary, illusive boundaries and restrict ourselves to envision things beyond the limits. We tend to forget that we can sculpt our life with affirmative thoughts and be a masterpiece of our own world. All that’s needed is to knock the things that come our way. It may open up to a new paradise in life!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be the serendipity of life

Life has got so much surprises and sweet encounters to give us every day on earth. But it was hardly noticed and appreciated by many. We are always in a hurry looking for greener pastures on the other side of everything. For a change, try to be the serendipity of life for others. Give your irrevocable time and bring a change.

For those who are in need of emotional support, try to be a guarantor of life, an evangelist of happiness, a Salvationist of surprises. There’s always a beauty in bringing change in other’s life. So don’t hesitate to offer help when someone is in need. May this year, you take a challenge to surprise and inspire as many people as possible.

You never know what will be the outcome. At the end of the year, you would’ve touched many number of lives beyond imagination. You will feel like the heavens opened up when you sit and recollect those happy tears and the smiles you brought on others. Remember one thing, what goes around, comes around!

Don’t judge yourself if you can do it. Don’t look for the perfectionist in you. Everyone is imperfection in some way or the other and that’s what makes us human. Even the shiny bright moon has dark shades, the romantic roses has deadly thorns. The beauty and the confidence have to be seen beyond the boundaries and it won’t be visible to the naked eye.

Let happiness sweep every one’s face and the smiles collide with each other. Let there be a burst of laughter and sheer joy in every corner of life. Let’s create a shield of happiness which can arrest sorrow and depression. Let’s hope everything to be alright and the soul sings happily forever.
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