Sunday, November 27, 2011

An optimistic attitude

By nature, we all wanted to do something different in life. Every morning we wish the day to be good, occasionally we get thoughts that we should be a change agent and bring about a change in other’s life, bring liveliness in those gloomy moments and bring a smile in other’s face and touch the hearts of many.

Sometimes life just grants our wishes and makes us happy to the core. But there are other days where things just don’t get into the way we want. It creates a hyper tension moment or a mini tsunami sort of shakes inside the mind which irritates and disturbs the normal being.

These are quite typical in life. Like how you need both white and black keys in piano to create a wonderful music, you need “happy” and “not-so-happy” days to weave wonderful moments of life. You cannot truly cherish the happiness if you don’t know what challenges and sadness are!

In such hard times, don’t get panic or send those frightening signals to people around you. Stay optimistic and look for ways to recover to normalcy. Unfortunately our world is surrounded by lot of negative thoughts, displeasing events and stress. The important factor is not letting yourself dictated by such events.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening around you. If you can develop an optimistic attitude, you can take on any challenge and win the situation. Make an effort to replace any negative and pessimistic thoughts with optimistic ones. Optimism has cured cancer in the world. After all, our day-to-day silly problems can definitely be rectified by being optimistic.

If you feel low and want to recharge your optimism, go see the nature and get it for free. The morning sun rays are there to embrace you; the soothing breeze is waiting to kiss you; the clouds are looking to dance with you; the thunder lightning wants to take a snap of you and the stars keep winking at you. Look at those sea waves; every time when they fall, they never fail to rise again. Be inspired and stay optimistic!

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's a good life

There will always be a bit of dissatisfaction in everything we do and receive in life. We wonder it could’ve been better and things could’ve been more in abundance like more happy moments, lovely romances, sweet understandings, no fights, no grudges, more money, more comfort etc.

But before we demand too much or complain about anything, have we enjoyed everything that life has offered? Have we seen the positive side of all situations to make it look normal and good? We often tend to see one side of the situation and fish in shallow waters. Though we know that there’s other side to every situation and should think deep before coming to a conclusion and crib/whine about anything.

With the pressure in work side and in life, we say that peace of mind is lost and want to get it back. Remember, solutions always lie within the vicinity of the problem. You cannot find the key in the light when you’ve lost it in the dark! Have a serene walk by the beach, do an open talk with your close mate over a cuppa coffee, enjoy a child’s smile, smell a bunch of roses in the bouquet. And make sure you find time to enjoy such things in life.

Money and other materialistic things cannot determine your peace of mind and happiness quotient. If you feel that having less money or those physical possessions are the reason, you’re guiding your mind in a wrong direction.

With money, you can buy a bed but not sleep, buy music but not peace of mind, buy a pet but not a life. Learn to enjoy things that are given rather than cribbing about things that are not given to you. The best things in life are all around us and they are free - hugs, friends, smiles, family, sleep, love, laughter, memories etc. Devote attention to them and enjoy. It’s a good life!

This was originally published at KHOJ as my guest post for SUB.
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