Monday, February 20, 2012

[Guest post – Princesa Fiona] Life is like that

Am introducing the first guest in this blog space. Am sure this poetess is already familiar with most of us in blogosphere. The beauty in crafting every line of her poem with the apt visual representation and the typography makes everyone wants to read her poems time and again. Here’s Fiona and her poetic passion for life, written for this blog.

Laughing ‘til you cry, crying ‘til you laugh.
Inhaling moments to breathe on life’s path.
Falling down and learning from every scar.
Exhaling joy as you dare to touch the stars.

Invite love to dance inside your beating heart.
Sustaining strength when thorns tear it apart.

Lavishing your senses in God’s scenery for free.
Investing spare time in the bank called 'Family’.
Kaleidoscope the visions of your gilded dreams.
Expelling dark colors that aim to dull the scenes.

Tomorrow is not promised so live your life today.
Happiness is on a pillow your head decides to lay.
Anand’s Musings massage my spirit to unwind.
Take a rest here to fuel the inertia of your mind!

©2012 The Princess Poems
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