Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mentor your mind & stay happy

Mentoring your mind could be an astounding task as most of the time your mind mentors you rather than you mentoring the mind. By and large, every one will be at the receiving end, doing what your mind tells you to do. It may not be hard to control your mind and mentor it from wiggling.

Staying alert all the time will be helpful in monitoring mind’s commandments. You may wonder why you should control your mind. It will give you guts to face failure and success in a same way, it will give you courage to accept being defeated, helps you to manage failures/bad attempts with a gentle smile. Everyone will come across such situations in life. Don’t get carried away or don’t get scattered. Just accept everything in a normal way with gentle smile.

Needless to say, on a very tightly packed day, chasing one deadline after the other, our mood will be up and roaring, trying to be cranky to as many people as possible. Mentor your mind to stay cool and have that gentle smile always. Yes, even on the busiest day in your life. Your happy face is not just to your friends, it’s even to strangers, colleagues, boss, pet and everyone around your life.

Be an inspiring face to everyone around you and lift the mood of your environment. Yes it can be done just with a smile and that comes if you have a control on your mind. Remember, it’s the heart that tells you to smile and brain that makes you to whine. Be the mentor of your mind and stay happy.

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