Sunday, March 27, 2011

Umpteen reasons to be thankful

There are literally umpteen situations in day-to-day life to be thankful for. The delicious coffee you have in the morning, the sun shine when you step out for the day, the breeze that kisses you on road trips, the ever charming smiles from school children, the greenly plant that sets your mood when you enter your home/work place, the music that solaces you from pressure, the nicer people who always make your day happy, the food that makes your appetite, the unconditional love from pets, the sea shore that lifts your mood when you are down, call from a long distance friend, stranger’s smile, unexpected help, school and college day memories and the list goes on.. And remember to thank your parents who brought you to this world and of course thank yourself for making others happy.

Imagine if half of the above mentioned is not available; bad weather, grumpy people, dried plants, horrible food, no pets and no music… huh, you will curse the life for sure. These are small things that make your day and life more cheerful; but often overlooked. Spare time to stop and smell the rose. Just relish those moments!

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