Thursday, June 20, 2013

My life in six words

This post is a part of CBC’s (Chennai Bloggers Club) six word memoir tag where bloggers are asked to capture their life stories in six words.

Taking the baton from Krishna Kumar who blogs at My First Blush, here’s my six word memoir!

Living the day; Worries at bay

Now I pass on the relay to Karen-Xavier Fernandez who blogs at Contemplations and Ruminations

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The survival of the fittest

The age-old expression from the Darwinian evolution plays an important role in our daily life. We strive everyday to put our best foot forward; to show a best face at the work place, in our home and among our friends & dear ones. We always want to be a star performer on the stage, a great accompanier, a memorable entertainer, and overall a successful & admirable human being to be associated with.

The dedication and the energy we devote, coupled with the quest for achievement will put us on a fast track to the realization of goal. In between comes the recognition as pit stop which refuels our passion in the journey. We go to great heights, make a lot of sacrifices to get things done our way and to impress others with the outcome.

But the enthusiasm we put in the beginning of every activity tends to reach a saturation point and becomes a difficult task to move up from there. You may call it a point of ‘mid-life crisis’ or ‘comfort zone’. The achievement you have had so far gets on to your head and blocks your vision to go beyond. The mind loves to become dormant and the soul starts to dust in the laurels of the past.

We encounter an illusionary block in our way and get a doubt factor in the system. Worse is sometimes it becomes a melting point where all the achievements and good-will start to diminish and pulls us down, if we fail to act on it. We will realize that reaching the top is an easy thing, but being there is not.

The comfort zone you have settled in is not going to change the past but definitely going to shape the future. It may be a stressful activity to move out of that region but when you embrace change, you’ll realize that it’s a small discomfort you’re buying to entirely change the way the world perceives you and for the larger goodness of yourself for bigger achievements.

Constant focus and assertiveness is going to help in maintaining the place you have reached so far. Don’t settle down for anything less in the activities you undertake. Question everything that comes your way and challenge yourself to look beyond the goal. Don’t just aim for success; target sustainable success.

The way we start our day determines how it is going to end. Stretch your horizon after every single lap. Make yourself self disciplined, as only the fittest of the fittest will survive here. You’ll get a day only once in a life. Make sure to go MAD - Make a Difference!

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