Monday, January 14, 2013

12 things you can do in 2013

The beginning of the year gives so much of enthusiasm and fresh thoughts that can lift the spirits from down low. Imagine doing little things that can induce and make your heart & soul happy. Since the New Year has started, why not put an interesting task to do every month and give yourself a new experience all the time? Don’t mix this up with your long term resolution as these are little things you can do to break away from the usual stress and everyday routine.

Give some love:
How about giving some love to others? Find a list of people who can wet in the shower of your love. They can be your parents, friends, partner, a child next door, brothers/sisters, cousins, nephews or niece. Make sure you give time, boundless love and care to them and bask in the joy of reciprocation.

Connect with your old friends:
We might have moved on to explore new paths of life but try and discover the old treasure. Connect with long lost friends or attempt to trace them and find out what are they up to. Good old times can always make you feel better.

Practice the art of forgiving and expose your mind to a whole new path. Nothing can be achieved by holding on to anger and grudge. Give yourself a commitment to navigate to a good state of being. Make the other one realize your value by the forgiveness.

Eat and eat:
Food is the ultimatum of life. For a while forget about your diet and eat your heart out. Explore new cuisines that can tempt your taste buds and make you feel satisfied. Share the table with your dear ones and talk everything under the sun.

Make some new friends:
Discover and socialize with people who strike a chord with your wavelength and share similar thoughts. There’s always fun in meeting new people and gaining new experiences.

Show gratitude:
Make a list of people who helped you in the last year and give something back. Surprise them with your help when they least expect you. If not help, show your gratitude so that they keep up the spirit of helping hands to others.

Spend time with kids:
They are undoubtedly the most wonderful soul on earth to spend time with. Feel the tender touch, innocent smile and joyous heart. Make them speak and listen to it all through the day. You’ll regret for growing up and transform to a whole new world.

Say ‘yes’ for a month:
For a change, try not to say ‘no’ when someone asks you for help. Find ways to do whatever you can to fulfill the help. Enjoy the pleasure of making someone happy and be at the receiving end of gratitude.

We tend to forget this in the midst of our hectic life. Smile with as many people as you can in a month. It always creates a ripple effect and the joy gets multiplied. Try to bring this on in other’s face when they are in a bad situation. Put a smile on them and make a happy tear.

Enjoy a morning walk:
Wake up early for few days and enjoy the sun rise. Have a fresh breathe and a calm walk to begin the day. Feel the dew drops and let the gentle sun rays kiss your face.

Stop by the sea:
Wet your feet in the waves and feel the grainy sand. Spend time in solace and get inspired. The mighty ocean and the clear sky can give you so much of peace and harmony to the soul.

Hit the road:
Explore the neighborhood places as much as you can. Live a life of an explorer and discover new things. Back pack and unveil the traveler in you. Join hands with like-minded people and enjoy a time of your life.

Think of shedding those bad memories from the past and move on from it. Give yourself a new day and a new experience. Life can be hard at times, but you have to find ways and do things to make it a memorable story that can be rejoiced in the present and the future.


Deepa Iyer said...

ah! good early morning read! and yes woke up at 430 am :-D perhaps I should add to my list to not check fb this early in the morning ;-)

Muthiah sriram said...

nice list!!but a tough list to follow I guess.mine is to keep myslef busy with simething which i already find it tough

Prashanth Ashok said...

Nice and simple :) And give love? I wonder if that's something all of us should take note of?

Rahul Bhatia said...

Would like to indulge in all these:)

Renu said...

all good things, hope we are able to do them.

ashok said...

Gyan for 2013! cheers anand!

Kappu said...

Extremely beautiful and warm ideas!!

Loved Say ‘yes’ for a month:

Do visit my blog! Would love to see you by! *cheers*

Sumita Pai said...

Lovely thoughts indeed! Very good choice of articles and good to see some good writing. Keep it up!

A S said...


lovely thoughts..when we change our attitude in this direction, then only we can feel the joy of lasting and true happiness :)

bent mind said...

for some, life's still screwed! :)

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